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Establishing the boundaries of the land plot on the ground

What is a boundary survey?
Land boundary surveying is a complex of surveying work that results in the surveyor showing you (the customer is directly involved) the boundaries of your plot of land on the ground.

Why and when is land surveying required?
There are quite a lot of cases when it is necessary to carry out works on land boundary delineation, but let us list those that occur most often:
- When you get a land plot that has no artificial boundaries (road constructions, fences, barriers, building facades and other linear structures and buildings) or natural boundaries (rivers, streams, canals, forest belts) and intend to establish boundary marks or construct fences and other buildings and constructions;
- When owners or users of adjacent land plots have a dispute over a common boundary and wish to plot it and build a fence, for example;
- When previously established boundary markers are lost;
- Before signing a contract on the purchase of a land plot so that the actual borders of the plot are understood in accordance with the data of the State Land Cadastre;
- Other.
In general, such works allow checking the compliance of actual borders with those entered (contained) in the State Land Cadastre, checking the accuracy of coordinates of land plot borders, which is relevant before buying and selling land plots, before starting construction works, leasing land shares (shares) or land swaps, settling relations between neighbours (establishment of common boundary structures, fences).

What is the basis for the process of demarcation of land parcel boundaries: What do you need to know?
The landowner (land user), or the person authorised by him, or other persons determined in accordance with the laws of Ukraine may be the customer of the respective works.
Boundary delineation of the land plot is carried out in accordance with the geodetic data, the coordinates of the turning points of the borders of the land, which are entered (contained) in the State Land Cadastre (in the national cadastre system).
Performing work on the borders of a land plot in kind is possible only if the cadastral number of the land plot is available. Otherwise it is first necessary to elaborate documentation on land management and enter the respective data on the land plot into the State Land Cadastre with a cadastre number.

What documents are necessary for the delineation of the borders of the land plot?
The works on land plot borders removal into area are performed on the basis of agreement on works execution, the following documents are necessary for conclusion of agreement
1. Documents proving the identity of the client of works, physical or juridical person;
2. Cadastre number of the land plot;
3. Title documents for the land plot (state act, land title extract, lease agreement, permanent use act) certifying the ownership/use of the person ordering the works.
4. If necessary, depending on the situation, other documents may be required as determined by our specialist.

Procedure for carrying out the work:
1. Contact our production departments or contact us by phone and provide information regarding the cadastral number of the land plot for which you wish to draw the boundaries in order to obtain an estimate of the cost of the work;
2. Signing a contract for execution and payment for the relevant works;
3. We agree upon date and time of field works (if necessary, the customer itself informs the owners/users of the neighbouring land plots about carrying out the works on demarcation of the land plot borders in the field);
4. On the agreed date and time we go to the site. The location of the coordinates of the boundaries of your land plot is determined by means of GNSS satellite receiver or, if there are obstacles to the satellite signal (multi-storey buildings, high trees etc.), by means of electronic total station. Participation of the landowner/land user in the works is mandatory, and owners of neighbouring plots may be involved because in order to establish or restore a common boundary with neighbours, the landowner may request their assistance in establishing firm boundaries as well as in restoring boundary markers in cases provided for by law;
5. Preparation of a technical report on the execution of the relevant works, if required;
6. Signing of an act of completed works.
Demarcation of land plot boundaries at the request of state authorities/local self-government bodies can be performed by us only on the basis of documents determined by the legislation of Ukraine in force.

What is the cost of works and what affects the value?
The cost of works on establishment of the boundaries of a land plot on the ground affects the following factors: location, area, perimeter, number of control points of the land plot, as well as the openness of the sky to work without using an electronic tachymeter.

The cost of land plot boundary delineation in our company starts from 1600 UAH for 4 pivoting points of land plot boundaries.