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Division and consolidation of land plots

Where do you start with?
1. You need to prepare the originals of all documents certifying ownership/use of your/your land parcel(s) which you want to divide or merge (state deed/contract of sale/state register extract on ownership/other);
2. Prepare the original passport and TIN of the owner(s) of the respective land parcel(s).
3. In order to carry out a division or merger of a land plot(s), it is necessary to prepare technical documentation on the division and merger of land plots. The developer of such documentation in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation of Ukraine can only be a certified engineer surveyor. In other words you need to apply to the organization consisting of a certified engineer-surveyor, have the documents determined in paragraph 1 and 2, define the technical feasibility or expediency of such division/unification and order the service to develop such land management documentation;
Please note that additional documents may be required when determining the technical feasibility and practicability of the division/unit, depending on the situation, e.g:
Ownership of buildings and structures that are located on the land plot/s;
Decision of a local authority on assignment of an address to buildings and constructions (in case of change of the address indicated in documents of title to immovable property);
Draft division of land plot(s);
And other documents (list of relevant, necessary documents depends on each situation separately).

Contents of technical documentation on division of a land plot?
Technical documentation on land management for division and consolidation of land plots is developed by decision of owners of land plots with the consent of pledge holders, users of land plots.
Technical documentation on land structure with regard to division and consolidation of land plots shall include
a) an explanatory note;
b) terms of reference for drafting documentation approved by the customer of the documentation
c) cadastre plans of land plots being merged into one land plot or a part of a land plot being detached into a separate land plot
d) materials of field geodetic works;
e) information on established boundary markers at the division boundary;
f) a list of encumbrances of rights to the land plot, restrictions on its use and existing land servitudes.

Cost of dividing or combining land plots?
The minimum cost for dividing or combining a land plot in our organization starts at 4000.00 UAH and increases depending on the complexity of the complex of land surveying work.

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