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Obtaining a cadastral number

What is a cadastral number?
The cadastral number of a land plot is an individual sequence of numbers and signs that does not repeat throughout Ukraine, which is assigned to a land plot during its state registration (entering information about the relevant land plot into the State Land Cadastre) and is retained for the entire period of its existence. The cadastral numbers of land plots are indicated in the decisions of state authorities, the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and local governments on the transfer of these plots into ownership or use, so the assignment of a cadastral number to a land plot is a component of the process of its privatization or acquisition for use.

What is a cadastral number for?
The cadastral number confirms that your land is registered in a special register - the State Land Cadastre (SLC). It also means that the cadastre contains all the information about the land owner, its purpose, boundaries and other important information. In other words, having a cadastral number guarantees that your land plot is officially registered, and no one can seize it or take it away from you.
Land plots registered before 2004 (when the automated system of the State Land Cadastre was created) may not have a cadastral number: such plots can be used in accordance with their intended purpose, but it is impossible to enter into civil law transactions until a cadastral number is assigned.
Pursuant to Article 120 of the Land Code of Ukraine and Part 1 of Article 377 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the person who acquired ownership of a real estate object (residential building (except for an apartment building), other building or structure), an object under construction, the ownership of which is registered in accordance with the procedure established by law, or a share in the right of joint ownership of such an object at the same time, the ownership (share in the right of joint ownership) or the right to use the land plot on which such object is located is transferred without changing its intended purpose to the extent and on the terms established for the alienator (previous owner) of such object, in the manner and on the terms determined by the Land Code of Ukraine. An essential condition of an agreement providing for the transfer of ownership of a real estate object (residential building (except for an apartment building), other building or structure), an object under construction located on a land plot and owned by the alienator is a condition regarding the simultaneous transfer of ownership of such land plot (share in the right of joint ownership thereof) from the alienator (previous owner) of the relevant object to the acquirer of such object.
Pursuant to Article 79(1) of the Land Code of Ukraine, a land plot is a part of the earth's surface with established boundaries, a certain location, and rights defined in relation to it.
Article 79-1 of the Land Code of Ukraine stipulates that the formation of a land plot consists in determining the land plot as an object of civil rights. The formation of a land plot involves determining its area, boundaries and entering information about it into the State Land Cadastre. A land plot is considered formed from the moment it is assigned a cadastral number.
In other words, in order to carry out a civil law transaction for the sale of a separate real estate object, it is necessary to have a cadastral number assigned to the land plot on which such an object is located.

How to obtain a cadastral number for your land plot?
If your land plot has not yet been properly registered and does not have a cadastral number, you can order the preparation of land management documentation to assign a cadastral number to the land plot in our company, our specialists will take all the necessary actions as soon as possible to make you the rightful owner of your land.